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Spiritual Leadership – The Journey Continues

Always look forward where the view is in color. If you believe in yourself and your journey, the sun will always shine through the clouds on those dark days which can and do descend upon us

Do you spend a great deal of your life learning? New things or a brand new way of looking at life? Are you someone who has an insatiable appetite for knowledge? Every day in some way, life has a way of teaching us lessons. Whether that’s in the classroom, on the street, in the home or the workplace. It’s the journey of life which gives us opportunities to open our eyes each and every day.

Sometimes we’re destined to repeat the mistakes we make until we learn the lesson in that particular behavior. Some people never learn it and are destined to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Hi and welcome. It’s great to have your company on this extraordinary life journey. My name is Kieran Revell. I’m an International Spiritual Leadership Consultant and Speaker; Coach, Mentor and Author.

When we err, life takes us away from our path for some time. It’s like a side track we go on. It indicates we’ve made a bad decision or action. When we realize we have made an error, we can rectify it and get back onto the path we were on. It happens to us all in varying degrees. They’re the lessons which life teaches us.

I began my journey many years ago. I endured an almost unbearable speech stammer at age seven. It was brought on by a teacher who thought it was unnatural for any person to write with the left hand. I think it was termed, ‘The hand of the devil’!

Every day I was hit with a cane and had my left arm tied behind my back, in an attempt to force me to write with my right hand. It didn’t work.

It became a dark and lonely ten years of abject misery. I was constantly ridiculed and bullied by class members. I spiraled into a deep hole of misery where I hid away from the world.

I cured myself at age seventeen through some simple vocal exercises. When I believed my life was at last becoming brighter, I experienced a near-drowning episode. At this point my life took a new and exciting direction. I believe I was given an extraordinary opportunity and set about finding and embracing my new path.

I had a near-drowning experience when I was seventeen. I believe I received some life-changing messages from my deceased grandparents. The experience set me on an important journey of personal and professional discovery. I made up my mind I wanted to understand the meaning of life – that fire which burns deep within each of us.

I began to think seriously about life . I wanted to know just what it is that makes so many of us strive for greatness in our lives. I wanted to uncover what makes some business and community leaders stand head and shoulders above others. What is it that drives so many forward, while others seem to be held back by some kind of ‘invisible’ barrier.

After spending a great deal of time researching the answers to my questions, I created my own life-changing Spiritual Leadership Wisdom initiative in 1991. Within this program, I included all the answers I had gleaned through my research and my experiences.

I truly wanted to instigate an integrity and value based program of Leadership. It’s now I began thinking about life in earnest and the power we all have to initiate amazing, life-enriching changes in the workplace.

I spent some time living on the streets to better understand the plight of the homeless and discover first-hand what drives people into loneliness as they become largely forgotten and literally invisible, as social outcasts.

It was however the unexpected and heart-breaking death of my darling brother in 1998, which put me firmly on my amazing journey. The Seven Pearls of Spiritual Leadership Wisdom program was born.

This is a rich and powerful seven step process for business owners, leaders, managers and those who are seeking power and direction in their lives. It offers a concise and comprehensive blueprint for life enrichment. It improves workplace harmony; elevates confidence; stimulates meaningful communication and helps to eliminate much of the negativity from a workplace.

There’s no doubt that life can be difficult. We constantly fall into pot holes. We can either lie down and feel sorry for ourselves or make the choice to get up, dust ourselves off and continue on the journey. It’s entirely up to us. Success is a choice we make. It takes a great deal of effort and hard work but in spite of what life puts in our path, we can move forward with passion and purpose.

There are countless people in the world who have been born into abject circumstances, yet they have the drive and determination to rise above their surroundings and build a positive and powerful life for themselves.

In spite of life’s many hurdles and challenges, so many find the courage to keep moving forward. It becomes that choice to embrace success and leave mediocrity behind which determines, the person we are and the life we can lead.

No-one is going to give us a happy and abundant future. There’s no-one with a magic wand who can make everything alright. The future will unfold, regardless of what we do. If we want to have success and prosperity as part of our lives then it’s up to us to create it. It’s important to begin today to build something positive for the future.

The more challenges we face in our lives, the greater will be the opportunities to find success. Each time we’re confronted with an obstacle and overcome it, the more confidence we have and the greater are our feelings of positive self-worth. We know in our hearts that we can succeed, in spite of what confronts us. That’s what builds confidence. That becomes a powerful building block for the future.

Next time someone tells you that something isn’t possible, don’t argue or get angry; simply move ahead with quiet optimism: Not to prove others wrong, but to prove yourself right and build the kind of future you want and deserve.

Learn to like, love, respect and believe in yourself. Once you can do that without reservation, the attitudes of others will cease to have any meaning in or over your life. Find the courage to pursue your dreams and the future will bring so many more opportunities to your door.

You’re now an amazing mentor for others. You have confidence, compassion, generosity, respect and tolerance. That’s an extraordinary place to be in your life.

Imagine the possibilities …..


Spiritual Leadership – The Journey Begins

Keep hold of your dreams and the inspiration and determination to succeed: Your journey of life will take you to some new and absolutely amazing places

Do you realize you have a genius residing within you? Do you know you have a special gift and the capacity to be exceptional? Are you aware you can tap into the immeasurable well of wisdom inside you to be an extraordinary force for good in the global community?

If you’re anything like me then you’re on a quest to be the best and most life-enriching person you can be, as a support in the lives of others.

Hi and welcome. My name is Kieran Revell. I’m an International Spiritual Leadership Consultant and Speaker; Mentor and Author.  It’s great to have your company on this extraordinary journey of enlightenment.

We truly have the capacity to become amazing in all we do: Spiritual Leaders – in the workplace; the family unit and the greater community in which we live. When we can tap into that source of greatness inside and embrace all we’re capable of achieving, the future holds vast hope for ourselves and those in our lives.

We each have the ability and the opportunity every day to empower and enrich the lives of others once we have the confidence to go out in the world and chase our own dreams and goals. We can begin to fulfill our individual destinies, assisting others along the way.

In the coming weeks, months and years I’m presenting a series of life-enriching video posts and articles. They’re designed to add depth, color and clarity to life; to give everyone all the tools necessary to fulfill their dreams.

No matter who you are or what your circumstances might be, you can do and be whatever you want. You really can be the absolute best. The only limits to your achievement are those you put on yourself.

The following seven points should assist you to begin building for the future, at the same time helping others to fulfill their dreams and goals:-

  • Unshackle yourself from the past
  • Begin living in the present
  • Build a plan of action for the future
  • Believe in yourself and your power to achieve
  • Start listening to and mixing with, positive people
  • Embrace every opportunity which comes your way
  • Allow your drive and enthusiasm to propel you forward

It’s time to embrace the future you deserve. Embark on a positive journey today. Begin the process of building exactly the future you desire. We each have the ability to attract exactly the life we want through quiet perseverance and a passion for something more than we have right now.

We all have access to amazing building blocks for the future. We need only understand and embrace our own capacity to achieve and have faith in each positive step we take.

Come on a journey of discovery as you realize your potential to be magnificent. There’s absolutely nothing in the world you can’t do once you have a positive attitude and optimistic outlook. Use your passion and determination to embrace the future and understand how it feels to be positive, courageous and successful.

I’ll give you all the information you require to kick start your future. I also provide some great material on empowering and enriching your life and the lives of others.

Make the choice today to become a Spiritual Leader in the lives of others. Become that extraordinary force for good in the global community.

There’s no time like the present to unshackle yourself from the past so you can freely embrace the future. Stop procrastinating and start embracing. You are an amazing person .. start believing that fact.

It’s great to have your company. I appreciate your support and look forward to being with you again very soon. Don’t worry about yesterday, concentrate on positive action today to embrace a more powerful and enlightened tomorrow.

Imagine the possibilities ….

Warm regards,


An Introduction to Spiritual Leadership

True Spiritual Leadership encompasses vision, trust, respect, integrity, understanding, responsibility, compassion and generosity. It totally rejects coercion, dishonesty and a ruthless approach to living. Which model do you embrace?

 Hello and welcome. My name is Kieran Revell: I’m an International Spiritual Leadership Consultant and Speaker; Coach, Mentor and Author. Thanks for joining me on this great journey.

Over coming weeks and months it’s my pleasure to spend time with you through the presentation of a series of powerful posts and videos.

Each is designed to enrich your life. I encourage you to come along for the journey; read the posts; watch the videos and begin building your amazing future. It starts by putting the information into play as soon as possible.

As we progress we touch on powerful and thoughtful topics relevant to the particular time of the year.

The future continues to unfold regardless of what we do. There’s no known way to halt that progress. If we do nothing positive and just coast along, nothing effective will happen.

Remain focused and upbeat as you re-align your values and design the life and the future you want – by taking real and affirmative action. You must do something positive and at the same time, discover your purpose. It means you’re adding tremendous depth and value to the future.

Each of us is a potential leader and as such, it becomes our duty and responsibility to enrich the lives of others. As we grow, those around us also benefit. They too learn to embrace the values which enrich their lives and add depth to the present and the future.

Whether its people within our organization; our family members, friends, neighbours or even complete strangers; they should each be given the opportunity to learn from our positive attitudes. Their futures are equally important and it becomes our duty to assist them on that extraordinary journey.

Take the time to build the confidence of another and help that person evolve. It’s fantastic to watch someone grow and thrive thanks to your life- enriching actions.

It’s a truly amazing feeling when you assist even one person to realize a dream. You’ve taken one step closer to becoming a Spiritual Leader. You’re evolving into an extraordinary force for good in the global community.

I look forward to your company.

Imagine the possibilities ……..

I’ll see you again soon

Warm regards,


What is Spiritual Leadership?

Hi and welcome to my Spiritual Leadership post. I’m excited to present a discussion forum to better understand this term and the powerful and positive aspects which embody this fascinating subject.

The term Spiritual Leadership was created by this author in 1991, specifically in relation to his search for a positive and powerful definition of a strong, honest and respectable approach to management. As a consequence he developed ‘The Seven Pearls of Spiritual Leadership Wisdom’, designed to add depth and clarity to life.

Whether you have your own business or you work for someone else, when you understand the value of Spiritual Leadership in your life, you will have greater confidence, improved channels of communication and a much deeper understanding of and respect for others and yourself.

Spiritual Leadership principles build strong bonds of respect and understanding. They break down barriers and bring a greater cohesion to the workplace and the home. Children too benefit enormously from exposure to these powerful principles because they help to instil an understanding of the role played in their lives by the inherent values of love, honesty, courtesy, respect, compassion, gratitude, patience and determination.

What do you believe to be the fundamental attributes of a successful Spiritual Leader?

Do you recognise a person or some people within your organisation who embody those extraordinary skills?  How do they epitomise the traits of a true Spiritual Leader?

Once again, welcome to my post and I look forward to sharing information, ideas and strategies.

Warm regards,




My new book has just been published: ‘Awakening the Unstoppable Power Within’

Hi to everyone. I hope you’re all well and happy.

My lastest book has been published. Its on Smashwords which is a great starting point because it will be fired out to dozens of online bookstores.

I’m excited because I have some wonderful testimonials from some of the world’s most respected speakers and coaches. These include Dr. John Demartini; Brian Tracy; Bob Proctor; T. Harv Eker; Dr. Joe Rubino; Terry Hawkins; Jim Donovan; Tom McCarthy; Jim Stovall Warren Henningsen and others.

The book is a guide for Personal and Professional Empowerment and Inspiration. Its a step by step road map to success and prosperity, which is a right for us all and not a privilege reserved for a few fortunate individuals.

Thank you to the wonderful leaders who gave their selfless support for the work and my extraordinary friends (and my beautiful wife Suzanne) who also gave me a shoulder to lean on through the writing and editing processes.

Please check it out at Smashwords. Its currently selling for a very reasonable US$11.97.

The funds I receive from this book will assist me with my next projects. Producing several TV series for the homeless and disadvantaged and recording a CD/DVD for the same worthwhile cause. I also have several other books in the series, which are currently in progress.

Take the first step to living an enriched and powerful life. Imagine the possibilities …



The power of great leadership

As most of us know, a great manager (and/or entrepreneur) does not necessarily make a great leader. Leadership encompasses the art of vision, mentoring and empowering others to do their best with the skills they have. A great leader forges a path for others to follow. A great manager on the other hand is an individual who understands processes and systems while the entrepreneur understand the art of business and excells in that field with their individual skills.

Imagine what we could do if we were able to combine all of those skills under one empowered umbrella. A company which has at the helm an inspired and empoweed leader who is also a competent and confident manager and entrepreneur, would be able to reach for and attain the stars.

I believe great leaders are both born and created. While an individual may come into this world with the pre-requisite skills to be a tremendously powerful and successful leader, unless he/she understands that ability and knows how to put the principles into practise, a full potential might never be reached.

Great leaders are individuals whom others are unafraid to follow. They exhibit as charisma which draws others to them. They lead by example and shine a clear and unimpeded light ahead.

If you want to be a great leader, believe in yourself and your ability and understand that you have to set an example for others to follow. Be courageous and undaunted by the possibility of failure. There are no mistakes in life if we learn lessons. A great and inspired leader can see the whole picture and knows how to bring out the best in staff. He/she works tirelessly for the good of the organisation and has the ability to make people feel good about themselves and their lives.

Are you a good leader? Do yo aspire to be one? What are you doing to reach that goal?  It is possible if you believe in yourself and develop your plan of action.

Until next time, stay well and happy and ocntinue to believe in yourself and your incredible life.

Kieran The_Success_Wiz

The Power in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection:  Precious moments for celebration and gratitude.  The gathering of families and friends who make the concerted effort to re-connect, marks a very special period in everyone’s life.

Thanksgiving is also a time for quiet introspection.  It allows us all to connect with ourselves and look at our lives and the direction in which we’re travelling.

While many countries and cultures don’t celebrate this very special time, those in the USA and Americans living overseas understand the value of this very special time and the place it has in a history, steeped in tradition.

I urge everyone to use it as a time to re-enforce the message of love and gratitude for everything that’s good in life.  Use the power and energy of this wonderful time to re-energise your world and accentuate the value you place on your time and effort.

Love yourself, your family and your life and continue to be grateful for even small blessings which continue to come into your world.  Embrace obstacles and celebrate successes.  Look forward with optimism, rather than back with regret.

Have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving and never lose sight of the horizon.

With love,